Lonely Drifter Karen – Comet

Sometimes you are struck by a song by the sheer talent of the musicians; sometimes it’s the pop singer’s chops; sometimes it’s the polish or the rough edges and sometimes it is none of those things.  Lonely Drifter Karen, here on Comet, from their 2012 long-player Poles, doesn’t break any new ground, the instrumentation is OK the vocal is a little hard to get your mind around, but somehow in spite of all of this the song embeds itself in your brain and has you immediately humming and/or singing along.  It’s infectious-and no one thing comes to mind that makes it so.

In a way, these qualities are more admirable than if everything was perfect.  If you can’t walk away from a song because it has you at the refrain of the first stanza, then there is definitely something there, even if you can’t put your finger on it.

You can find out more about the dream-pop of Lonely Drifter Karen by visiting their Facebook and MySpace pages or check out their label page. Take a listen to Lonely Drifter Karen.