Lux Lisbon – Get Some Scars

Rich, orchestral vocal harmonies blend with just the right touches from the instruments to bring you Get Some Scars, the title track from Lux Lisbon’s latest (March 2013) EP. This is a band that is all about the vocals-and they shine! Lux Lisbon could easily go acapella if they wanted to, but just because they could doesn’t mean they should. The instruments are finely played and beautifully mixed. They add texture, emotion and their own beauty. Lux Lisbon’s story is brought to life by band mates Stuart Rook (vocals, songwriting, piano, synths), Charlotte Austen (vocals, bass), Alastair Jones (guitar), Johnny Colgan (drums) and Rob D’Ath (vocals, guitar).

You can find more information on Lux Lisbon by visiting their web site. Check out some of the UK’s finest song-craft and go pick up the Get Some Scars now!