Meg Myers – Running Up That Hill

It came as no surprise in January when Vodka favorite Meg Myers hit number 1 on the Billboard singles chart. What surprised me was that she made that number 1 chart-topper with a remake of Kate Bush’s 1985 hit Running Up That Hill (seen/heard here). Not that there’s anything wrong with that song. In fact, Myers’ interpretation of that song just reminds you what a great piece of music it actually is. The surprise comes that Myers’ own works haven’t made the same splash. They should!

Vodka has been following Meg Myers since Daughter In The Choir was a free download. That was an amazing record, and each successive release has shown her to be uncompromising in her approach to pop music. One of Myers’ best assets is the emotion she can bring to a song; The sheer anger of Monster, the innocent fun of Tennessee, or the passion of Heart Heart Head. She has always astounded and impressed me. Myers’ remake of Running Up That Hill, reminds me of all of those songs and it’s her delivery that sells it. She has made the song her own.

This could be the last time you hear about Meg Myers in this space. It is, after all, a space designed to seek out hidden gems in the dark corners of the music industry and shine a light on them. Myers has finally made it. I can only hope that she will continue to be successful and that her own music will finally find the spotlight it so richly deserves. 

Please take a look back at all of Vodka’s words on Meg Myers. There are some great music links in there. 

Meg Myers on Vodka

If you’d like more information on Meg Myers, head up to her website. She is also present on nearly every social media site out there, and the links are included on her website. If you haven’t yet, pick up some Meg Myers music now!