Midlake – Antiphon

More than a year ago, Midlake appeared on this blog, with their 2009 release of Acts Of Man, a haunting tale of forbidden love and betrayal. It’s been several years since Midlake has had a new release but the wait is finally over. Enter the title track for the new long-player, Antiphon (November 2013).

Musically and lyrically, Midlake still tend towards the darker underbelly of the human experience, but the music is textural, fluid and infinitely listenable. With melodies that tend toward the minor key, these songs will play in your head long after the final note is emitted from your speakers or headphones. 

You can find more information on Midlake by visiting their complete web site. You can pick up Antiphon or any of the band’s great long-players released since 2004, from their i-tunes site. Take a listen to Antiphon and pick up the new long-player now!