Mark Lowndes – Simple Days

Update December 2021: Like many artists, Mark Lowndes didn’t make it. The original video is no longer available. All of the links here are dead as well. YouTube still has the Simple Days audio track, which I’m including here. 

Original Post:

Much as I hate (no really, despise is a more accurate term) reality TV, here is a very deserving Australian who participated in “Australia’s Got Talent” reality show.  Did he win?  Don’t know and I don’t care.  I know that he participated because I can see it when searching YouTube for his name.  What I do care about though, is that Mark Lowndes really DOES have talent, as evidenced here on Simple Days, from his 2008 self-titled EP.  Here’s some R&B some blues some sheer pop goodness and some fabulous vocal chops.

Check out Mark Lowndes by visiting his website, or bandcamp site, which has some additional purchase options.  Pop music has a wonderful song weaver in Mark Lowndes.