Music Musings for December

Shop Til You Drop – Or Just Buy Music

What can I say? It’s Christmas shopping season here in the states, and I can’t think of a better gift than the gift of music. If you are thinking hard about shopping for a certain hard-to-buy-for person in your life, consider the gift that keeps on giving every day of the year and on into future years-music. Yes, sometimes it’s hard to find the perfect music too, but consider giving something that will push the edges of imagination. Don’t just give the latest top-40 mucky-muck, but rather find something that is truly unique. If you don’t know what that might be, may I suggest a journey through the archives of A Little More Vodka, A Little Less Milk?

Best of Vodka 2012

In the past month, essentially since completing the forward posts for December and on into January for this blog, I’ve been working on culling posts down into the 40 best tracks since inception last January. It has been a tough, tough job! To come up with the list, I used your feedback (likes, reblogs, etc.) as well as my own personal favorites. The Best of Vodka 2012 will be posted in place of Music Musings on January 1, 2013. Nothing is set in stone yet, so if you have a personal favorite that you’d like to see on the list, please drop me a line in the ‘Ask’ section of the blog, or send me an email with your thoughts to sspencerwire (at)

Plea for Sources

Since starting this blog in January 2012, I’ve used a number of sources for music. What I’ve used (and there is no preference to the order here) are Bandcamp, Reverbnation, Band Soup, Jamendo and Band Of The Day (BoD is an i-Pad application). There are other sources as well, such as people who come to me and say, “you should hear this band!” or accidental music browsing slips that get me a different sources. What I’d like to ask you is, What is your best source for new music? If you have a preference, please send me your source lists. I’d love to add a wider variety of options to source new music. You can use the ‘Ask’ feature on this blog to send me your suggestions or feel free to email me at sspencerwire (at) 

Thanks for keeping a set of eyes on A Little More Vodka, A Little Less Milk and let’s end the year with a bang!