Music Musings for February 2013

Where’s The Video?

I’ve been through this conversation before, adding in a bunch of additional music marketing information, but I’m going to go down the video road again. If you are a fan of music with video talent, then this message is for you. If you are an artist or band with no video talent or resources, then this message is for you as well.

Music videos are an important part of music marketing these days. The lack of a decent, studio quality, video, is the reason that many artists that have otherwise great music don’t make it on to my blog. A static image that sits there while the music plays is unacceptable. You need something that will hold the viewer’s interest while they listen to the music. It’s an unfortunate fact of life in the music industry that video is now ever linked with music.

So how can a artist or band with no video resources get their studio quality music into a video? It’s simpler than you might think. The answer is to engage your fans. They are the ones who can put this together and they will do a great job if given the proper incentives. Those incentives need only be things that the band already has at their disposal, CD’s, T-shirts, concert tickets, etc. Engage your fans by creating a contest for a particular song and give your fans access to that song for the purpose of creating the video.

Case in point is 8in8’s song The Problem With Saints, that appeared on this blog back in October 2012. This video captured the humor and the spirit of the song and was not made by the band, but rather by a loyal fan. Think of the possibilities.  

If you are one of those loyal fans of a particular group, then your task would be to suggest a video contest to the band via one of their social media sites, or their web site contact list. The artist or band might just be overwhelmed with the other things they have to do-like performing and recording-that they simply have no time to create a video but might welcome a way to get videos for their music if only it were suggested to them. 


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