Music Musings – September 2013

Focus On Moon Safari

On A Little More Vodka, I spend a lot of time looking first for good music and second for a good video to go with the music. There have been a number of times when I’ve found the former but not the latter. This goes back to the band marketing post that I’ve mentioned or referred back to several times on this blog. It’s frustrating to run across a group of musicians with excellent music and no good video. This, after all, is a music video blog. 

I’ve been thinking for awhile now that I should at least dedicate certain music musing posts to some of the excellent music that I’ve found that has no good video associated with it. Enter the band Moon Safari.

Moon Safari hails from Sweden and has been making a strange recipe of pop-flavored progressive, orchestral, rock since 2003. I’ve tried a couple of times to come up with a good descriptive term for them. Here’s one: If Emerson, Lake and Palmer met up with Kansas and the two dropped in on The Beach Boys and then they all got together with Pink Floyd who were entertaining Styx at the time AND they decided to jam, that might be close to Moon Safari’s sound. Whatever that sound is, it has made an impact on me-I’ve purchased three of their releases from Take a listen to Mega Moon from the bands August 2013 long-player, Himlabacken Vol. 1 and see if you don’t agree. 

The only videos available for Moon Safari, though, have been static images. So I can’t offer you a video for them that meets the criteria of this blog. They are, however, more than worthy of purchase, so head on over to their page and pick up any of their great long-players. You can find Moon Safari by hitting up their web site, which is just a front for their social and purchase links. 


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