My Woshin Mashin – Twenty One

Vocally bordering on the operatic, My Woshin Mashin’s single Twenty One, released January 2013, is a electro-pop masterpiece. The video is an otherworldly adventure in black and white, which is artistic in its own right. My Woshin Mashin is made up of three friends from Russia and Gernany. They have found a way to create engaging music in a genre that is often lame and simplistic. Unlike many electronically focused pop groups, they understand that it’s the music that must speak, not the noodling. The group reminds me (at least on this single) in some very rudimentary ways of early Gorillaz

After a host of EP’s and singles, My Woshin Mashin has just released (April 2013) their first full-length Evil Must Die. I’m not as big of a fan of the new long-player, but there is some interesting content there. You can find more information on My Woshin Mashin by visiting the groups web site including social and purchase links front and center.