Noah Chenfield – In Our Room

Vodka describes In My Room (seen/heard here) from power pop multi-instrumentalist Noah Chenfield as full-on fun. While the subject of the song tends to be tried-and-true material (love y’all!) the feeling of this track is playful. Noah says that this track is:

“a love song about a very specific time and place. I wanted to make something that would sound right for a lazy beach day…”

Certainly In My Room is radio-ready. It’s the kind of pop song that you’d expect to find on your radio dial somewhere. Sadly, in today’s dog-eat-dog world, no matter the quality of the song, you’re more likely to find sets of songs on the radio that sound painfully the same as the previous one played. 

Noah Chenfield
Noah Chenfield

Aside from his multi-instrumentalist creds, Noah Chenfield is a singer/songwriter, musician, and producer. He spent some time at the Berkley College of Music before heading out to tour with an assortment of bands.  He has no one-stop shop (website) for all things Noah Chenfield, but he does have Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages.  He has a Spotify and a YouTube site for streaming. In My Room can also be found as a one-off single on From a marketing point of view, I prefer that an artist have a website, even if that website only serves as a pipeline resource to his other sites. The reason for this is simple: If I’m looking for information on an artist, a one-stop website is far better than searching each individual site for a reference to the artist. You want to make it as easy as possible for someone to find you and your music and your information.

The lack of a website, though, is a small complaint for an otherwise very talented musician. Use the links provided here to go and listen to Noah Chenfield’s music. In My Room is a single from the upcoming LP, Same Streets, Different City, which currently has no release date set. Check out this great track now!