November Music Musings

Coming January 2013

In January, this blog will have been up for a year.  By the time the year ends, there will have been about 184 posts. That’s a lot of music to sift through, but I’m going to try to narrow down a list of the top 20 or 30 A Little More Vodka, A Little Less Milk posts from 2012. You can help if you like by nominating a post. Simply send me an email to sspencerwire (at) or use the “Ask” feature on the blog and give me your insights. You can also send me music suggestions or any other feedback you would like to the same addresses. Thanks to all of you who have liked posts or followed the blog since its inception. Your feedback is much appreciated!


I’ve made a few purchases this cycle, but I’ve decided to forgo this section of the musings in this and all future issues. The reason is seriously logistical. Some purchases are made during the cycle and, due to the nature of the forward posting (queue in the future) some purchases are made in this cycle for music that will not appear until the following month. So to keep my head from exploding, no more purchases this cycle.  I may do an end of the year summation of purchases, but that is yet to be determined.

Thanks again for your follows and likes, and now let us continue with the November posts.