Olive Louise – Nothing’s The Same

Blessed with a tuneful, breathy soprano, and a gift for playful, deeply personal, lyrical expression, Olive Louise presents Nothing’s The Same (seen/heard here). It’s not uncommon to look back on our youth and be wistful for what seems now a simpler, brighter time, or was it?  Nothing’s The Same examines, it seems, a young Olive Louise:

“I remember the good old days
Where I used to run outside to play
Nothing’s the same
Nothing’s the same
Want to go back to being pre teen
summers felt like eternity
And my skin was so soft
And my eyes were so wide 

Lookin’ out dreamin’
Giving in’ easy
Wanting more
then anyone ever could give
To me, to me
And they’d, say she’s wild
Crazy thoughts, dumb child
Don’t you know, they’ll judge
But it never seemed to bother me much, hey”

The melody is perfectly singable, with delightful wordplay. Olive’s singing gives two-fold: as both a melodic and lyrical delivery tool, and as part of the percussion. The bass line punctuates and defines everything, sticking the landing.  It’s the type of song that stays in your head on repeat. One ear-worm coming up!

Olive Louise is the product of an early childhood learning violin and piano from her mother, with later musical education provided by Berkley College of Music and The American Musical and Dramatic Academy. Her formal musical education has helped Louise to formulate her own unique sound. 

There is no one-stop-shop for all things Olive Louise, unfortunately. You can find some information on her Facebook page and her Twitter page. You can stream her tracks from her Spotify site or YouTube.  There is no website and no really good biography out there. There’s also no purchase links for her music as yet (that I could find). Hopefully, all of that is on the way.

Check out Olive Louise now and stream her music to support her!

Note: With Covid-19 still around, probably to be with us for some time, artists like Olive Louise and many others need your purchases to keep their heads above water. If your situation allows it, consider purchasing more in these tough times. –Vodka