Paper Cranes – Little Darling

Auckland, NZ indie-folk band Paper Cranes has a magnificent sound; warm, inviting, and full. Formed in 2011, the group released their first 7-song EP in September 2012 (Oh Love!) following that up with the single, Little Darling (see video) in September 2013. Little Darling is the precursor to the long-player, Be My Home, due out this Summer. 

Filled with diverse instrumentation, provided for the most part by the five permanent members, and vocals that are polished with wonderful harmonies, Paper Cranes stands out in a field that can be more than a bit maudlin and same-sounding. Little Darling’s haunting minor keys are hard to put away. While writing this review, I’ve listened several times. 

If you have not heard the wonderful music of Paper Cranes, it’s high time you did! You can find more information on the band by visiting their nicely formatted website or swinging on over to their site and picking up their digital content. Check out this great band now!