Peter James Millson – The Red Cafe

In 2016, singer/songwriter folk-pop artist and photographer Peter James Millson, self-produced a collection of wonderful understated folk-pop tunes entitled The Red Cafe` (May 2016). Currently, Mr. Millson is working on his latest long-player, Mobile, due out sometime in the June/July time frame. Here, on the title track to The Red Cafe`, you can see why he is slowly growing a following. 

The story of the girl in the red cafe` is a story about a memory. We’ve all had those wistful moments when we visit a place where something magical happened and we long, if for only a moment, to revisit that time and place. The Red Cafe` is just such a story.  The LP  is full of hook-laden folk-pop stories with mostly introspective themes. 

You can find more information on Peter James Millson by visiting his website. You can purchase The Red Cafe` on his site along with two other previous releases: the debut 2013 EP release, The Beautiful Truth, his first LP, Sweet The Love That Meets Return (April 2014). Watch for Mobile out soon!