Pitou – Big Tear

Pitou’s Big Tear (seen/heard here), and the title track for her upcoming LP, is a perfect example of Vodka’s title byline:  “Music that isn’t the same old thing…mostly.” It is an example of vocals as both rhythm and instrument. It took only two listens for me to be blown away. The first listen was a “well, this is interesting” moment, and the second was “this is amazing!” 

Born and raised in Amsterdam, Pitou’s journey to her current style of music started out influenced by the trips she had with her family, who always brought home cassette tapes of the sounds they discovered on their travels to exotic locations. Ultimately, though, Pitou formed a particular interest in classical music at a very young age and even performed in a children’s choir when she was 9. When she turned 18, she discovered pop, rock, and the guitar, and began to write music in quick succession. You can still hear all of these influences on Big Tear, and the results are hypnotic. Each listen will have you discovering another texture, another sound.  Pitou continues her love of classical music as demonstrated by some of the performances on her website’s video link. This from Pitou explains a little about her musical background and influences: 

“Musically I am still very much influenced by my classical background. Unexpected harmonies and song structures, vocal layering, and classical instruments can all be heard on this record. My parents did not listen to classical music, but they did listen a lot to world folk music, acts such as Amadou & Mariam, Goran Bregovich and Ali Farka Touré. I think my love for looping rhythms and voices telling stories stems from this music being the soundtrack of my childhood home.”

Lyrically, Big Tear requires a little bit of interpretation. While I reached out to try and firm up the message that Pitou was trying to convey with the song, I didn’t get an answer to that particular inquiry. I’ve got my own opinions, however: 

there are lies being spoken
there are hearts being broken

they’re all part of the big tear falling down on us
they’re all part of the big tear falling”

Seems to be a pretty clear message to Vodka about the state of information (disinformation) these days, and “yes” this is a weight that is falling down on us and corrupting our daily lives. And then later there’s this:

“everywhere I see heads getting older
everywhere I see minds getting smaller

all is part of the big tear falling down on us
all is part of the big tear falling”

Heads getting older and minds getting smaller? Amen sister, you’ve got that nailed as well. 

The music here is style-all-encompassing and while it may not reference classical music directly, you can hear the underpinnings of that influence throughout. Jazz phrasing, indie-pop, alternative, it’s all there and so much fun to listen to.


You can find more information about Pitou by heading up to her website, which comes complete with a nice biography, store link, tour links, and all of the social and streaming links you require.

Check out an artist whose musical pedigree is mixed genre. Check out Pitou now, and watch for the release of the Big Tear LP soon!

Note: Just when things were returning to a semblance of normality, the COVID 19 virus is again heating up in many areas of the country. It’s so disheartening to know that we have the tools to make this a non-event, by simply getting vaccinated and fully boosted. The virus has the potential, again, to shut down performances for musical artists. For this reason, artists such as Pitou could still use your purchases. If your situation allows it, consider purchasing more in these tough times.  Please, if you are physically able to do so, get vaccinated. — Vodka