Rags & Ribbons – Rubikon

Combining a flare for staccato drum beats, rock and orchestral juxtaposition, melodic vocals and a dramatic air, Rags & Ribbons is a rock performance act to watch. Here on Rubikon, from their October 2013 six-song EP, Magnesium Dreams, you can see and feel the vibe in action. Not since the hey-day of Bad Religion has powerful rock had such great vocals-not that Rags & Ribbons is anything like Bad Religion in most respects, but these vocals and harmonies are rarely found in driving rock.

You can find Rags & Ribbons on their web site, which is really just a portal to all of the social links, and more information on the band by visiting their Tumblr blog. Also, check out the band’s site, for all of Rags & Ribbons musical offerings.