S.J. Tucker – Neptune

S.J. Tucker is magic! This prolific song-writer, spins folk-pop tales that will have you captivated. She has many LP’s and EP’s to her credit, not least of which would be the motion picture soundtrack for Ember Days. Neptune is from her 2010 long-player, Mischief. Besides Ember Days (March 2013), Tucker has Wonders (October 2013) as well as Witchy Ways: An October Mix-tape (also October 2013) which is a compilation of released material, aside from one previously unreleased track. You would think that someone so prolific would be making some pretty ho-hum music, but nothing could be further from the truth. S.J. Tucker changes up her music, some tunes are bouncy and up-tempo and some are smooth and mellow. 

You can find S.J. Tucker by visiting her completely interesting web site, full of facts about Tucker, reviews and musical links. You can also pick up the bulk of her musical offerings from Check out S.J. Tucker now!