Secretary – The Only Ones

Update: The video and most other information on the band no longer exists.

Secretary has a delicious pop flavor. Mournful, soaring vocal harmonies blend seamlessly with rightly mixed guitar, keyboards, drum, and bass, and here on The Only Ones, the finely written minor-key melody lends itself well to the lyric. There’s nothing necessarily outstandingly different here, but Secretary does it all very well.

Now to the bad news: Secretary’s website is beautiful but difficult to read. The band bio, for instance, is so strung together, that all I can tell you positively is that the band is made up of Craig, Emma, Max and Jill and that the musical instruments listed above may be played by any one of them. I think I read vocal next to Craig’s name. Next, you’ll need to use the back button to navigate their site, as the links (to the band bio for instance) are only on the first page. You do get social links at the bottom plus an email contact link.

Remember that if a band has made it onto this blog, I think their music is great! So the complaints above are minor but in my mind, need to be fixed to correctly market the band. You should check out Secretary by visiting their website. As for purchase links, I do not see anything that is store-related as yet. Keep your eyes open for that!