She Makes War – Exit Strategy

In the genre’ of alt-pop, there is a tendency to come off sounding the same as other practitioners, borrowing formulaic styles to fit within a neat, oversimplified context. That’s why it is so pleasant to run across an artist such as She Makes War (a.k.a. Laura Kidd) that borrows, extends and adds to the context, making it accessible within the genre’, but keeping it totally unique. Here on Exit Strategy from She Makes War’s April 2012 long-player, Little Battles, Laura makes use of these techniques quite nicely!

You find a lot of information on She Makes War, by visiting her web site. The social links are there, but you need to let your eyes navigate to the top of the page. Take a listen to alt-pop done well from She Makes War!

Update: Forgot the link for the web site earlier! Sorry for any of you who who found this minus that needed info!