Shook Twins – Awhile

We have a problem from time to time at Vodka using our normally reliable sources for good new music, coming up with, well, good new music.  So we took a side road recently and ended up at the front door of the Shook Twins and boy do we wish we had discovered them earlier!  Awhile (video) is from their Jr. effort, What We Do (2014). Their two other long-players, You Can Have The Rest (2008) and Window (2011) all feature Katelyn and Laurie Shook’s dueling vocals and a broad variety of instrumentation.  

The sisters play with rhythms and melodies in ways that make them decidedly indie-pop, but musical styles actually follow other courses as well, pop, folk, bluegrass, and just a touch of country.  The resulting sound is phenomenal and wonderful!

You can find more information on Shook Twins by visiting their website, which includes purchase and social links. The sisters and their band are actively doing gigs right now across the West, Midwest, and Canada. 

If you are among the uninitiated, check out Shook Twins now!

Note: I’ve had to come back to this post and listen to it several times since it has been in my queue (not even posted yet).  I really like this track.