The Northern Belle – Astral Plane

A couple of months into the new year (March 2024), The Northern Belle, a Nordic-flavored folk-country group, is poised to release their latest LP, Bats In The Attic. Astral Plane (seen/heard here) is the lead track on that LP. The Northern Belle are known for their intricate melodies and singable refrains. Currently, this song and the bouncy pop-flavored Merchant Navy Hotel are available as single-track purchases

Partly inspired by a cache of letters sent by her grandfather to her grandmother while at sea, songwriter and band leader Stine Andreassen weaves these word pictures in with the joys of motherhood, life, and death on Bats In The Attic

The Northern Belle released their debut self-titled LP in 2015 and gradually gained acclaim regionally and internationally over subsequent releases and years. While their sound has evolved over the years, their debut still sounds fresh and new today and sits alongside their other releases comfortably. 

Along with Stine Andreassen (vocals, guitar), The Northern Belle is Bjørnar Ekse Brandseth (guitars, pedal steel), Johanne Flottorp (Hardanger fiddle, vocal harmonies), Trym Gjermundbo (drums), Ole-André Sjøgren (guitars, vocal harmonies), and Marie Tveiten (guitars, vocal harmonies). You can find more information on the band by heading up to their mostly complete website, which includes social and streaming content. Missing is a biography and a link to their site, which contains the biography and purchase options for all of their music. 

Check out this amazing group and pick up their back catalog while you wait for Bats In The Attic to release!