Sinnober – When A Knight Won His Spurs

Sinnober is one of Vodka’s favorite duos. They generally make very carefully crafted pop songs. They are reported to be working on a new long-player which had a target release date sometime in 2017. My guess is that it will be 2018 now (since it is 2018), but whenever it comes, you can be sure that it will be excellent. Won’t some wise mass media recognize this phenomenal duo with some airplay? (Serious XM, are you listening?). Here, the duo covers When A Knight Won His Spurs, an old children’s hymn, written by Jan Struther around the 1930′s. 

You can find more information on Sinnober by visiting their website and keep an eye out for the new long-player. Take a look back to Vodka’s earlier post of Maria from the most recent long-player, Little Wars. Both Little Wars and Sinnober (self-titled) are available in digital and CD form from their site or for digital-only Apple folks, check out the iTunes link on the Music link on the website.

Check these two out now!