Smooth Hound Smith – Sweet Tennessee Honey

It was over two years ago when Vodka posted California Sway from Smooth Hound Smith’s self-titled 2013 long-player.  Fast forward a few years and we still find Zack Smith and Caitlin Doyle rocking out.  Zack never ceases to amaze with his one-man-band act (guitar, drums, and harmonica), all the while breaking away to sing as well.  Ms. Doyle provides the “Smooth” in Smooth Hound Smith, with her velvety pipes able to polish the edges on this wonderful little rockabilly-country number, Sweet Tennessee Honey, the title track of their soon to be released (check iTunes for availability) new long-player.

For more information on Smooth Hound Smith, check them out on their website, and don’t forget to pick up the new long-player when it becomes available.