Snarky Puppy feat. Magda Glannikou – Amour T’es Là

Though jazz makes a limited appearance on A Little More Vodka, it’s not because it doesn’t have some wonderful musical offerings. Mostly, it is because in general, lyrics help tell the story of a video, and in this case-as with most Snarky Puppy performances-the music /is/ the story. That was true a year ago, with Thing Of Gold from the groups Ground Up offering and remains so today with Family DinnerFamily Dinner –  Volume 1 was released in March (2013) and as with any of their previous offerings, it is instrumentally astounding. Family Dinner combines that instrumental prowess with guest Jazz and R&B vocalists and instrumentalists, to add yet another dimension to their already incredible music. 

Here, Magda Giannikou, adds her accordion and her wonderful salsa-styled vocals to Amour T’es Là in a track that will have you bobbing in your chair or moving your feet. Born and raised in Athens, Greece, Magda Giannikou is a pianist. singer, songwriter, orchestrator and producer, among other things, and is a delight here on Amour.

You can purchase Family Dinner – Volume 1, from Snarky Puppy’s site digitally if you like, but you will miss some context. To get the full effect of any Snarky Puppy offering, you need the CD/DVD combo pack, which is very reasonably priced and will include the digital download as well. Seeing these performances, as well as hearing them, is a huge bonus.  

You can check out Snarky Puppy on what passes for their web site or their Facebook page. You can pick up a whole host of the band’s music from their site. Check out this amazing group of phenomenal Jazz musicians now-and then purchase one of their offerings-at minimum digitally. You won’t be sorry!