Sophie Zelmani – Free Now

Singer-Songwriter Sophie Zelmani’s smokey voice, sounds like she could be on a small stage in a little piano bar around the corner from where you live.  Her songs are not immediately infectious, but they have a way of seeping into your inner core as you listen more.  Back to our lounge scenario, picture yourself sitting with your girlfriend or wife having a nice conversation over a few drinks.  The lights are low,  everyone is talking quietly, the singer is on-stage, and suddenly you realize that you really like what you hear there.  Both of you turn to listen.  That’s the experience that Sophie’s songs conjure up.  

Sophie Zelmani was born in Stockholm in 1972 and has since relocated to Sweden.  Her most recent full-length, Soul, is available along with a host of earlier offerings on her web site. You can also find Sophie on Facebook and MySpace. Check out Sophie!