Stephanie Mabey – The Zombie Song

So if you’ve been following along on this blog for awhile, you know that this is the third video related to death or zombies. I assure you, it is totally accidental!  While perusing, I came across the inventive pop music of Sephanie Mabey, which led me to search out a video for her music, which in turn led me to The Zombie Song. This fun song is knee deep in puntentiousness and is available both as a part of Stephanie’s larger work, Wake Up Dreaming, released in August 2012, and as a single. The single is free, but consider picking up the entire package, as this is fine, fun and inventive pop music all around.

Stephanie’s web site redirects to her site, but you can find additional information from her blog, Facebook and MySpace pages. Check out Stephanie Mabey and you will discover something worth your time and your money. Glorious!