Syd Carter West – The Ugly Truth

If you look at the sweet face of Syd Carter West, you would be thinking that a song coming from her mouth would be wispy and light. Well, you would be completely wrong! West has a powerful, full, alto voice.  That voice is steeped in the tea-bags of blues and rock, with just an edge of southern rock thrown in there for good measure. Her new single, The Ugly Truth (seen/heard here) is a testament to being yourself at all costs. 

There’s nothing more freeing than being honest with yourself. It is so much better than trying to be something you are not: “I am my own person and my own individual whether you accept it or not. I went through hell trying to change myself, and it’s not worth it. I would rather be ridiculously weird than normal,” West declares in the promotional material from her label. Vodka says “Amen” to that. The proof here is in the music and lyrics. Where the music is the vehicle, the lyrics are the message, and West minces no words. She emphasizes in her music that being yourself is the most important thing.

Hailing from Vancouver, Syd Carter West began singing before she could talk, and by age 12 was learning music theory and training her voice at the Royal Conservatory of Music. That path was opera, and it taught her to build upon her musical strengths by acting through music. Those are talents she now uses on stage as she performs.

Syd Carter West is backed by a stellar band and production staff that enhance, rather than detract, from her music delivery. You can find more information on this singer/songwriter by heading up to her website, which includes all of the social, purchase, and streaming links you might require. Missing is the link to her site, which does not include any of the new tracks, but does include Stripped EP from May 2021. Check out the amazing vocal chops of Syd Carter West now!

Note: It looked like we were heading for clear skies with Covid 19. The variants are making a comeback, which means that the livelihoods of artists like Syd Carter West and many others are still threatened. If your situation allows it, consider purchasing more in these tough times. Please, if you are physically able to do so, get the vaccine! –Vodka