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Lydian Collective – Shuffle Bubble

     Joyful jazz aficionado’s Lydian Collective return to Vodka with what will no doubt be one track on the upcoming, as yet unnamed, LP, due out sometime this year. (No release date has been set.) Shuffle Bubble (seen/heard here) picks up where tracks like Thirty One from LC’s previous March 2018 LP left off. Frankly, Vodka cannot wait for the new LP! Shuffle Bubble has a wonderful question and answer section where keyboard (Aaron Wheeler), lead guitar (Todd Baker), and bass (Ida Hollis) all play the same melody line in mini-solos, one following the other, while the beat is laid down with…

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Lydian Collective – Out Of The Woods

     One of the best jazz fusion groups of all time, at least in Vodka’s opinion, is Lydian Collective. Their latest single Out Of The Woods (heard here), builds on the formula that this group has mastered: joyful, accessible jazz, played with a passion fitting the devotion that the individual members dedicate to it. It’s a winning formula, driven home by the commercial and critical success that Lydian Collective has amassed since jumping into the music scene with Adventure in March 2018.  That, of course, isn’t the whole picture,…

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