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Luana Maso – Let The Rain

     You may remember Luana Maso from Vodka’s review of the first single from her LP, Down The Rabbit Hole (April 2017),  Legends, that we posted about 10 months back. Well here is the second single off of that great LP, Let The Rain, another straight-up pop song done beautifully by the Italian songstress. As with Legend, Let The Rain is again about love and loss, and the search for balance within relationships. If Luana’s songs are truthfully about her own life experiences, it is terribly sad. One of…

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Luana Maso – Legends

     Italian pop songstress Luana Maso uses a pop medium to tell folk stories. Take Legends (seen/heard here), for instance, from Luana’s debut long-player, Down The Rabbit Hole (April 2017). Legends tell the all too familiar story of growing up and how while we are young, we are in awe and wonder at the things around us. Unencumbered by adult reality borders, children see the vast world as a place where there are limitless possibilities. As adults, with work and life commitments, we tend to lose that sense of wonder…

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