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Matto Rules – Tonight

     You may remember Swiss band Matto Rules from the Vodka posting almost a year ago for the beautiful, haunting, Saranda. Well, the long-awaited long-player for the band, What Comes Around (March 2016) is finally here, and it is worth the wait as demonstrated by Tonight above. As with the earlier Saranda, Matto Rules has plenty of the plaintive and haunting, but What Comes Around displays a willingness to play with the outer edges, rocking up the tempo (Tonight, Somewhere Else) or the middle ground (Alive, Let It Rain) all the time maintaining a…

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Matto Rules – Saranda

 Matto Rules has been been quiet for several years.  This video for Saranda, was released back in 2013, but things are heating up again in preparation for the release of the band’s first long-player. As such, the band has released two singles and an EP from 2012 and 2013 on bandcamp.com, and have posted new information about the upcoming long-player on their web site and facebook page. Matto Rules makes minor key masterpieces such as Saranda (seen here), with bold, broad musical strokes and powerful…

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