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My Fair Fiend – Making Monsters

     The current fascination with all things zombie is wearing a bit thin with me, but none the less I absolutely love the second long-player from minor-key alt-rockers My Fair Fiend, Making Monsters (October 2015).  Those who have been following along here for a while will remember the wonderful self-titled debut long-player and review for Murder A Dream posted here a little over two years ago. Well, nothing has changed except perhaps some additional polish and song-craft. Still focused on the morose, Callie (Moore) Crofts and company have a way…

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My Fair Fiend – Murder – Dream

 Infinitely interesting shifting minor and major key transitions along with a powerful, throaty, commanding vocal from Callie Moore combine to introduce you to My Fair Fiend’s modern rock and Murder A Dream from the band’s debut self-titled long-player (August 2013). Sharing song writing duties with lead guitarist Austin Cross, Miss Moore also plays guitar. The band is filled out by Zac Bryant (drums and vocals) and Kyle McCann (bass). The sound is delightful and the melodies are strong, each leaving an…

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