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Syd Carter West – Venom Hurts

     It was only a few weeks back that Vodka reviewed the spectacular voice of Syd Carter West for the first time. Blues-infused indie-rock has a new, powerful, and genuine voice in Ms. West!  Of Venom Hurts (heard here) she writes: “This is dedicated to anyone who suffers with the daily pain of mental illness and needs a voice to express that part of them that feels shutdown. The state of our mental health doesn’t have to define who we are, but rather the obstacles we can face…

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Ebony Buckle – Wild Woman

     Avid Vodka readers will remember Ebony Buckle. I’ve reviewed three of her tracks over the last year and change. There’s a reason for that: Buckle’s voice! It is at once beautiful, clear, and precise lyrically. While the storyline may not be perfectly clear, this leaves a space for the listener’s interpretation. The best creative minds have always written this way. They know their lyrical intended meaning, but they allow the listener space to experience their own vision. Enter Wild Woman, the single released back in July (seen/heard here),…

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