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Fixtures – The Great Tequila Flood of 2000-2018

     If you are like me right now, you really need a positive up-tempo romp to boost your energy level. Enter Brooklyn band Fixtures and The Great Tequila Flood of 2000-2018 (seen/heard here), and start dancing! Flood is the second single from Fixtures’ just released six-song EP, Weak Automatic (December 4, 2020). Fixtures have been making music since at least 2015, honing their sound from the heartbeat of their city. Rock energy and pop chops, combine with punk influences to garner a sound that is both familiar and completely…

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Dirtfoot – Cast My Plans

 Delightfully raw and raucous, Dirtfoot is described on their web site as “gypsy, punk, country, grumble boogie,” but really this is what Americana music is all about-the blending and melding of styles. There is no doubt at all about the energy that is generated by Dirtfoot’s music.  Here on Cast My Plans from the bands 2011 long-player, Live and In Prison, that is certainly evident. One part movie short and two parts music video, Cast My Plans was recorded live at the Wade…

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