The Basics – With This Ship

Melbourne Australia’s The Basics (pronounced bazz-ichs) have been making great pop-influenced alternative rock since about 2002. The video for With This Ship from 2009’s long-player, Keep Your Friends Close, is a great example of their rich musical textures. Their most recent long-player of new material was back in 2011 with RoFLMAO (The Dirty 30). The band’s recently released Leftovers (February 2013) is a collection of never before heard tracks, alternate tracks and various remixes of some of their released material. It is a 38 track behemoth of tunes, available in both hard copy and digital form from the band’s site.

The Basics are made up of Wally De Backer (of Gotye fame), Tim Heath and Kris Schroeder. There is no web-site for the band that I can find, although their domain does redirect to their Facebook page.

Take a listen to alternative-pop-rock flavored by The Basics now. There are plenty of releases available on their site going all the way back to 2003, as well as the aforementioned Leftovers