The James Arthur Band – Funkin’ In The Moonlight

A little bit of Funk and a whole lot of R&B. Enter The James Arthur Band and Funkin’ In The Moonlight, (which is a huge play on words!) from the bands first long-player, The EP Collection (October 2012). There’s plenty of eye candy (if you’re a male, that is) in the video which was supposedly recorded at a beach party shortly after recording the song. While the video is quite seductive, there’s nothing here that you might not see on television on any given moment-just a lot of it.

All that aside, though, the music is where it always ends up for me. This song is one that will make you want to move. It may not break a bunch of new ground, but it makes the old ground relevant again.

Check out The James Arthur Band by visiting them on their web site, complete with social and purchase ( links. There’s plenty to keep you moving, so get the long-player just in time for you to ring in the new year in party fashion! Check out the James Arthur Band now!