The New Electric Sound – Heart Beat

The New Electric Sound mines musical history archives to create their brand of pop-rock goodness.  It’s a formula used many times before but not always this successfully. Check out the video for the band’s single, Heart Beat, from their self-titled long-player released September, 2012. These are sounds you’ve heard before-a hook filled melody, syncopated guitar and drum work and fine tenor lead vocal delivery. In short, The New Electric Sound doesn’t break new ground here; It simply re-invents it in the band’s own image.

You can find more information on The New Electric Sound by visiting their web site, but unfortunately, that’s not a one stop shop for the band (no social links here). To get the complete picture you’ll also need their Facebook page. Check out The New Electric Sound!

Update: When you purchase a physical copy of the band’s CD, you receive some business cards with nothing more than the band’s name on it. This is a great marketing idea. It’s simple, inexpensive and allows customers to share the band name with others who might enjoy the music. Kudos!