The Popguns – So Long

Brighton, UK band The Popguns, make delightful guitar pop-rock with a nod to a retro sixties sound. So Long (seen/heard here) is from the band’s latest LP, Sugar Kisses (June 2017), and is a great example of the overall feel of the long-player, but should not be construed as some sort of a formula of what is to follow. For instance, the sugary sweet lead off track Sugar Kisses (with a near Dire Straits Sultans Of Swing guitar intro) is followed by the grungy We Don’t Go Around There Anymore. There’s a lot of that style mixing and blending that for some reason ties Sugar Kisses (the LP) together.  It’s a great set of music!

The Popguns have been making music for almost three decades, with their debut long-player, Eugenie,  hitting the airwaves clear back in 1990.  If you don’t know anything about this band, head on over to their Facebook page (they have a website, but seriously, it isn’t much of a site) and check them out! Need a little Popguns music fix? No matter, that is readily available via their site

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