The Sandman’s Orchestra – To Haunt You

The Sandman’s Orchestra is a collaboration between French neice/uncle duo, Léonie Gabriel (vocals) and Pierre Laplace (vocals and multiple instruments). On the latest long-player, Nocturne (March 2013), the two conjure up ghosts and nocturnal events with beautiful musical textures. Don’t be afraid of the dark though, as the songs here are contemplative and introspective and not the sum total of all your bad dreams. Léonie Gabriel, now pushing 18 years old, has a beautiful throaty alto voice which resonates with qualities that far exceed her years. Those can be heard distinctly here on To Haunt You.

You can find more information on The Sandman’s Orchestra by visiting their web site. Nocturne can be purchased reasonably in digital form from their link. Take a listen to something entirely different and look at the night in a whole new light.