The Soil & The Sun – One Woman

Combining alternative rock, world influences and orchestration that goes beyond the definition of a band, Grand Rapids, Michigan’s The Soil & The Sun have been making appearances on rotation on Serious XM radio’s The Loft and elsewhere with One Woman from their year-old long player, What Wonder Is This Universe! (August 2012). If you are trying to pigeon hole the band into a genre’, then you will have a very difficult time. 

The band can be tender and beautiful to hear, notably on the lead off track to Universe!, Through These Walls, which sounds like a grand choir. That lead track morphs into the instrumental, Engadine which has a new folk feel, and then into One Woman which takes the two and combines them with an alternative-rock vibe.  The Soil & The Sun use every instrument under the sun to get the sound they want. It can include cello, bass, violin, various electric and acoustic guitars, accordion and more.

If you’ve not been exposed to The Soil & The Sun, head on over to their link and check out What Wonder Is This Universe! You can find more information on The Soil & The Sun from their Facebook page.