The Western States Motel – Powerlines

First, a disclaimer: The Western States Hotel have newer music out-most recently Freeway Freeway Riverbed from 2011, but this is a video blog, and the only video I could find from the band is this lone entry from 2007. It’s a great song, so there’s no reason for feeling guilty about it, I think it’s a little odd in this day and age, when a group or band doesn’t use everything at their disposal to market themselves.  But hey, that’s my opinion I guess.

The Western States Hotel make pure pop music-It jingles and jangles in all the right places and makes you feel, well, good!  Here on Powerlines, the band tells a nice story of escape (and theft, it seems) from the madding world. It’s a kind of pop music that feels spacious and full of possibilities.  On top of that, it’s just fun to listen to!

Check out The Western States Hotel by visiting them on their web site and consider a purchase of one of their great CD’s. While you are up on their web site, perhaps you could encourage them to do more marketing with videos. Give these guys a listen!