Vintage Trouble – Nobody Told Me

If you are ready to rewind a bit to the Motown years but aren’t ready to give up the edginess of today’s music, then Vintage Trouble, based out of Los Angeles, California, may be just the band for you.  The vocal of Ty Taylor looms large.  He has a great set of pipes absolutely suited for this style of music. Vintage Trouble lays out solid rhythm and blues with a stellar cast of musicians.  Band co-founder, guitarist Nalle Colt, moves in perfect synchronicity with Taylor, and the rest of the band follows.  All of this can be heard on Nobody Told Me from the bands 2011 UK release, The Bomb Shelter Sessions.  Check out this live to video, though, of the band recorded on the shore of Loch Ness, simply titled Loch Ness Shore to see that this band has quality that does not require studio enhancement.

You can find more information on Vintage Trouble by visiting their web site, which includes all of the social links you might want (Facebook, etc.). The Bomb Shelter Sessions is scheduled to release in the US on April 24, 2012 (yesterday). In the meantime, you can always order and pay a little extra shipping to receive it from one of the UK stores found in the “Store” section of the web site. Check out this band!