Wyvern Lingo – Used

Three young women who create beautiful, complex songs infused generously with three part harmonies is nothing to be sneezed at. Combine this with their skills as session vocalists and instrumentalists for the last ten years and it would be hard to even believe that the average age of this trio is just 22. That’s an incredible feat!

Here, Saoirse Duane, Caoimhe Barry and Karen Cowley, performing together as a group called Wyvern Lingo, show off the lovely a Capella number, Used, from their new five-song EP (August 2014), The Widow Knows. These five tracks are breath taking examples of musicianship and vocal acuity. The melodies are anything but simple, yet they are easy to enjoy passively or actively. I hope the musical future is bright for Wyvern Lingo; It should be, but this is the music business.

Head on over to and pick up a copy of The Widow Knows and check out Wyvern Lingo on their web site.