Zola Simone – Not Like Other Girls

A powerful new voice in the independent music scene, Zola, forges an ode to petty young girls who flaunt what they believe to be their superiority, while all the while being exactly the opposite in Not Like Other Girls (seen/heard here). This is the first single from Now You See Me, the long-player that is due to drop later this year. 

Lyrically, Not Like Other Girls paints a vivid picture. Zola sings:

“She was a fake bitch
Wanted to be famous
Don’t know what I saw in you
She didn’t love herself
So everybody else had to
I feel sad for you, psych

She reeks of privilege
And Urban Outfitters perfume, ew
You’re not like other girls, honey
You’re worse”

While Not Like Other Girls is definitely of this era of music, it stands out as one of only a handful of radio-friendly tracks that eschews mimicry in favor of true individuality.  That, my friends, is what making music or any other form of art is all about. You can gain insight from other musicians or other artists, but if you truly want to succeed, you must define yourself outside of these influences. This sets you apart from the crowd, quite literally, and in this case, it is absolutely the right move! Zola proves that she has pop chops while staying true to her individuality in both sound and substance. 


At only 18, Zola has a chance to really make a name for herself in the music business. She has a beautiful, powerful voice that stands above the mix here, which admittedly is a little on the over-produced side, but only slightly and toward the end of the track. That said, it has the fidelity punch required for today’s music.

You can find more information on Zola by heading up to her simple, yet complete, website, which includes all social and streaming links and a biography. While there are no great purchase links as yet, keep an eye out for Now You See Me and pick it up when it releases. In the meantime, stream Not Like Other Girls and Zola’s other singles from the Music link on the website.

Note: With Covid-19 still around, probably to be with us for some time, artists like Zola and many others need your purchases to keep their heads above water. If your situation allows it, consider purchasing more in these tough times. –Vodka