2014: A look back at Vodka’s last 12 months

At the beginning of 2014, Vodka changed its video review timetable to once per week, which makes listing the top 40 tracks for the previous year seem pretty silly. Instead, this year we are just going to look back on what I think are some of Vodka’s high points, musically. As always, your mileage may vary. 

Way back at the beginning of the year we posted Vera Jonas title track for her 2013 long-player, Gamea funky track with plenty of dance moves in the video. It is such a fun song, that it deserves mention again.

Ten months ago or so, we posted the truly alternative track from Orchestre Tout Puissant Marcel Duchamp (OTP) and Slide, from the groups April 2014 EP, Rotorotor.  As the year wore on, I listened to this track several times. It is very hypnotic and beautiful in its own eclectic way.

What’s not to love about New Zealand folk-popsters Paper Cranes, and their Little Darlings single from September 2013? It’s a bit haunting and wonderful.

The jazz-pop offerings of Snarky Puppy continued to make their mark on Vodka again this year with Shofukan from their We Like It Here long-player released in February 2014. They are simply wonderful to listen to.

The fun throw-back 60’s flavored pop of The Corner Laughers returned in 2014 with Midsommer. If you have not as yet been initiated, check them out.

About six months ago, give or take, we had a couple of back-to-back offerings that I thought were excellent: Fauna Flora, Happy Hour and frequent Vodka guest, Courtney Barnett, Anonymous Club. Fauna Flora was one of several artists that made my purchase list this year, and Courtney Barnett is a Vodka favorite from earlier posts, appearing many times over the years. This year was particularly positive for Courtney, having done extensive touring in promotion of her music. 

Appearing twice on Vodka this year was the really excellent female groups Bridie Jackson and The Arbour. Posting just two weeks apart, two tracks really made an impact on us: We Talked Again and ScarecrowBoth are mournful numbers, the second of which is actually penned by another Vodka visitor from a few years ago, Louis Barrabas.

Wyvern Lingo’s offering is a bit less dark than Bridie Jackson and company,  with wonderful compositions and three part harmonies. Their track Used, highlights these great attributes and deserves major mention here.

Last but not least, Bryarly Bishop stormed Vodka with Find Your Love and largely because of her loyal fan base and her own re-post of the review, it was one of the big comment winners this year. 

So maybe those are the cream, but there was plenty of goodness otherwise on Vodka during the year. Have a scroll back, if you like, and enjoy. Now on to 2015!