Cate Ferris – Doll on a music Box

European musical adventurer, Cate Ferris, is a gem! What she can do with a few instruments, a loop pedal and her voice, is nothing short of full-on creative. From a song-writing perspective, Ms. Ferris has a talent for the not-so-obvious observations and that makes for an eclectic musical vibe to accompany her folksy and true vocals. 

Doll On A Music Box (above) is from Cate Ferris’s 2012 4-song EP, Get Set GO, but she also has a newer (September 2014) 4-song EP, Disappear, both of which-along with a remix set of Disappear entitled ReAppear-are available on her site. (December 2014). What is missing from Cate’s catalog is a long-player which we can all hope is in the works.

You can find out more information on Cate Ferris by visiting her web site. You can pick up all of the aforementioned EP’s by heading on up to her page. Check out this popster now!  

Note: Hey all! Make sure you have a designated driver tonight! 🙂