26fix – Stone Killer

Out of Utah, and making her Vodka debut, is 26fix, the moniker for music creator, singer, and performer, formerly of the band Brothers, Erica Goodwin. Releasing a handful of singles since 2021 when Brothers split, 26fix has an EPs worth of dance-friendly wonders, that will have you cocking your head to listen more closely while you dance. The latest, Stone Killer (seen/heard here), has made waves on Serious XM Alt-Nation and XMU. 

I love this track. There is a bundle of fun wrapped up inside of it. Once you’ve heard the melody, refrain, and bridge, you will sing it in your head long after the music dies. It’s an earworm of massive proportions! 

Brothers split during the COVID lockdown, which allowed Erica Goodwin to explore her own musical styles more closely. She had dabbled in music creation in high school but hadn’t really given it much thought since becoming a member of Brothers. She had focused on just playing that music and having a good time with it. With lockdown firmly in place, Goodwin began to delve into what she had learned musically, creating the infectious tracks that have given her some musical status of her own. Stone Killer is just the latest of those efforts.

Finding information on 26fix or Erica Goodwin, requires you to piece together her socials and music streaming channels. There is, unfortunately, no one-stop shop (no website) for all things 26fix. Check out her Instagram page, Sound Cloud, Spotify, and YouTube for more. Watch for more from this fun-loving pop artist in the future!