Hania Rani – Don’t Break My Heart

Polish artist Hania Rani just released her second full-length LP this year, Ghosts, following up February’s On Giacometti (soundtrack). Ghosts (just in time for Halloween) is a haunting set of compositions, including Don’t Break My Heart (seen/heard here).

Hania Rani is a composer, singer, songwriter, and producer, and she uses all of her skills to great effect on Ghosts. Collaboration is the order of the day as well, with Patrick Watson and Ólafur Arnalds chipping in. Duncan Bellamy, contributed looping to Don’t Break My Heart.

Inspired by “the edge of life and death and what actually happens in between,” Rani explores expansive soundscapes instrumentally and delves into death as a subject. Using her skills as a producer, Hania Rani balances composition delicately against production values. Looping and electronic trickery is used with skill and become another instrument rather than a distraction. 

You can find more information on Hania Rani by heading up to her website, complete with a very nice biography, purchase, socials, and streaming links. You can find Ghosts and all of Rani’s back catalog on her site

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