Adrian Bourgeois – Everybody Knows It Was Me

Update: The original video is gone. There are some live performance videos out there, but I always prefer studio quality. Here is an audio-only version:

Adrian Bourgeois makes happy feeling pop music for mass appeal. He has been releasing videos off and on for a few years, including Everybody Knows It Was Me (seen here) from 2011, which is also included on his new 24 track double-CD, Pop/Art, scheduled for release in February 2014. (For the thirsty, a pre-order of the physical CD will get you a digital copy of his music right now! See links below). There is unbridled optimism oozing from Adrian’s lyrics and tunes. It’s easy to imagine a carefree existence in utopia just listening. 

Now for those minor complaints that some of you have read before.  The site does not link back to Adrian’s web, Facebook, or Twitter sites. While the website, does link to  direct links are not quickly available on every page. So just a note to Adrian, make sure that all your content links back to every other piece of content; and make it easy to find on every page of your website. Facebook and Twitter do link back to the website, so that is a positive. These, of course, are minor complaints, but I do think you need to make your information as accessible as possible to aid in marketing your music.

Check out this fun pop music aficionado now!