Natalie Holmes – Child

It’s pop music, but it isn’t just the same old, same old. Enter UK singer/songwriter Natalie Holmes and Child from her August 2013 EP of the same name. Child is playful and serious at the same time. Ms. Holmes uses her voice as much as an instrument as a delivery mode for her lyrics. The instrumentation is light and textural, but very well done. Natalie’s keyboard work is a highlight here.

At first, I thought that Natalie’s site did not link to any of her other content, but that is not the case. The top frame of the site is so well designed, that it took me a minute to find the links. Don’t worry, you probably will not have this problem. Her web site is very well designed, has a nice bio and all the social and purchase links-a one stop for everything Natalie Holmes

Since its release, Child has been making quite a name for itself, at least in the UK. Check out this amazing singer/songwriter now and pick up Child or any of her other digital or physical content now!