Alison Scott – The Trains

The soulful voice of Minneapolis artist Alison Scott, is a versatile instrument for masterful music making. It can be raucous or tender, but always there is a common thread of richness. Take The Trains, for instance, from Alison’s 2010 long-player, Chinese Whispers. Alison’s voice melts over you like butter on warm toast. Alison’s band is also top notch, filled with just the right textures, horn fills, keyboards, guitars, bass, but nothing over blown, just the perfect accompaniment to her voice.

You can find more information on Alison Scott, by checking out her web site, but this source does not, unfortunately, give you all things Alison, even though the Tumblr and Facebook links are there. For additional info, Check out Alison on Twitter and MySpace. Take a listen to Alison Scott and Merry Christmas!